Hue imperial city

Hue Imperial City is the most famous tourist destination where you cannot ignore in your trip to Hue city. Hue Imperial City was a former ancient capital of Vietnam in Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945, this citadel is the intergration of a large complex of unique and ancient architectural works.

When visiting Hue Imperial City, you will be amazed by the moats, elaborately carved works, royal pavilions and various fascinating museums on campus. If you are keen on this, you can consult some information about Hue Imperial City trip from Da Nang Local Tours‘s article below:


Hue imperial city is located on the banks of the romantic Perfume River, in Phu Hau WardHue City. This construction is the second area inside the Hue Imperial Citadel which protected the most important palaces of the imperial court – a place personally dedicated to the king and the royal family. People often call the Imperial area and Forbidden Purple City as the Imperial City.

This is a unique ancient architectural work with the largest scale in Vietnam history. Hue Citadel was built in 1804 but it took 30 years later (1833 – King Minh Mang’s reign), then the whole construction was completed with about 147 large and small works.

Visiting to Hue Imperial City, you will discover and admire ancient architectural palace. Surely, you will be interested having your trip to visit Hue imperial city.


The entrance fee with the lastest update based on the table tourist ticket of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is:

  • Adults: 120000 VND/pax
  • Children: 30000 VND/pax
  • Foreigners: 150000 VND /pax

Notes: This tickets include visiting Hue Citadel and the museum. There are many ancient antiquities in the museum from the Nguyen Dynasty, do not forget to visit the museum.

Visting Hue Imperial City

Attractive highlights in Hue Imperial City

Forbidden Purple City

Forbidden Purple City is the accommodation of Kings and Royal Family, it is surrounded by Duyet Thi Duong theatreCan ChanhKien Trung.

Salutation Court

Salutation Court is at the middle area between Ngo Mon Gate to Thai Hoa Palace where hold coronation ceremonies or to welcome important diplomatic ministries and to celebrate King’s birthday.

Shrine area

It is located along both sides of the Imperial Citadel where they worship Nguyen Dynasty’s kings included The MieuHang MieuTai Mieu and To Mieu.

Dien Tho Palace, Truong Sanh Palace

Truong Sanh Palace is for King’s grand mother and mother and Dien Tho Palace is for queen mother. More over, other wives and daughters can only come to Phung Tien Palace to worship because they are not allowed to come to The Mieu.

Co Ha Gardens and Kham Van Palace

This is a natural place for King’s son to play and study with court officials. This area was established from the reigns of King Thieu Tri and King Tu Duc.

Hue Imperial City Map

To more convenient for sightseeing, you can take a look at Hue Imperial City map below:
Note: 1. Ngo Mon Gate 2. Thai Dich Lake 3. Trung Dao bridge 4. Dai Trieu yard 5. Thai Hoa Palace 6. Dai Cung Mon 7. Ta Vu, Huu Vu 8. Can Chanh Palace 8a. Vo Hien Palace 8b. Van Minh Palace 9a. Trinh Minh Palace 9b. Quang Minh Palace 10. Can Thanh Palace 11. Khon Thai Palace 11a. Thuan Huy area 11b. Duong Tam area 12. Kien Trung Floor 13. Thai Binh Lau 14. Ngu Uyen Garden 15. Co Ha Garden 16. Noi Vu area 17. Trieu temple 18. Thai temple 19. Truong Sanh Palace 20. Dien Tho Palace 21. Phung Tien Palace 22. Hung Temple 23. The temple 24. Cuu Dinh 25. Hien Lam Cac 26. Hien Nhon door 27. Hoa Binh door 29. Ngu Thien Phong 30. Luc Vien 31. Minh Than Palace.

 Hue Imperial City Guide

In order to help you to discover Hue Imperial in the most comfortable way, Da Nang Local Tours would like to share with you some details and useful experience to discover Hue Imperial as below:

How to go to Hue Imperial city?

Hue Imperial city is located in Hue Imperial Citadel at Hue City Center. There are many public transport for your choice like cyclos, bicycles, motorcycles, taxis or dragon boats. From the south side of Perfume River, you pass any of Trang Tien Bridge, Phu Xuan Bridge or Bach Ho Bridge.

What is best time to visit Hue Imperial

The pleasant weather in Hue is from January to February. It is the best time to visit the historical destination like Hue Imperial City as well as Nguyen Dynasty’s tombs. In April or June every even year, Hue Festival is being hold with many Hue traditional cultural activities.

How long does it take to visit Hue Imperial city

Hue Imperial city is very wide, you need at least half of the day to truly visit all palace and other areas.

That all of Hue Imperial City travel experience for your journey, Da Nang Local Tours hope your will have a great trip to Hue city with lots of nice memories. If you are keen on high-quality tours in Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An, please visit here: Da Nang Tours or Hotline: +84914.136.151 (Mr Tony) – +84938.960.771 (Mr.Minh)