Son Tra Peninsula Guide A to Z

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang is one the most famous and fascinating attraction in Da Nang. Every year, this peninsula attracts a big amount of Vietnamese and International visitor.

For you to plan your trip easily and economically, That is why Da Nang Local Tours would like to introduce to you experiences to visit this beautiful Son Tra Peninsula, from planning the transportation for the trip to even the best place to eat, what to do, where to visit, etc.

Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang

Where is Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is located less than 10 kilometers to the Northeast of Da Nang city. With most of area covered by tropical forest, Son Tra has become the green lungs and so called the Pearl of Da Nang. This peninsula shows its potential to become an extremely attractive destination across Vietnam in the future.

The best time to visit Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Weather has a clear transition between 2 seasons like Da Nang city. Raining season in Da Nang starts from September to next year February wih lots of rain and storms, so this season is not really good to visit Son Tra.

There could be some sunny days, but in case you do not want to get a cold, please wear your warm coat when coming here. Then the best time to go to Son Tra is from March to August, with dry and beautiful weather.

How to go to Son Tra Peninsula

Only 10 kilometers from Da Nang city center, it is every easy for you to go to Son Tra Peninsula. Here are our suggestions as follows:

Visit Son Tra Peninsula by motorbike:

If you have plenty of time and love adventure, going to Son Tra with a motorbike could be very interesting. The rental fee for the bikes is not really expensive, only from 5 to 7 USD/ day and you got a nice motorbike for yourself.

Please note that right now, automatic motorbikes or the scooters are not allowed to go to the top of the peninsula. You must rent one with the gear stick to be able to visit all the spots on Son Tra Peninsula.

Visit by Son Tra Peninsula by Travel Agency service:

If you do not have much time here and you want to visit many places in just one day in Da Nang. Following with Travel Agency service such as tour is not a bad idea with some benefits as below:

+ Visit many attractive spots: Son Tra Peninsula, Marble Mountain, Hoi An Ancient Town with reasonable cost.

+ Free pick up and drop off at your hotel

+ Have a meal with full of local food specialties

+ Enthusiastic tour guide

Especially when you have a family trip with kids, you could check out the itinerary at: Son Tra Peninsula – Marble Mountain – Hoi An Ancient Town – (29 USD)

Where to stay in Da Nang if you want to visit Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra District Da Nang has the most homestay, hostel and hotel in the area from decent price to even high class quality for you to choose. For certainty, you should book your reservation at least 1 week in advance.

Suggestion: In order to book for the Cheapest Hotel in Da Nang, you can contact Dacotours – Da Nang Travel Agency, with agency net price and a wide partner.

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Things to do In Son Tra Peninsula

Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula is the biggest, the most sacred pagoda in Da Nang city. The highlight of Linh Ung Pagoda is the Lady Buddha Statue with 67 meters height facing the ocean with one hand exorcizing and one hand holding a bottle of holy water.

We will feel like she is looking down praying for the peace, the happiness and protecting this beautiful city from the storm and natural disasters with her holiness.

Especially, from Linh Ung, you can have the amazing view of the whole seashore of Da Nang city, both magnificent on daylight or night time.

Chess Board Peak

Chess Board Peak has its own unique with the statue of a fairy playing chess himself.  And with the road to the winding peak of the mountain is a journey where you can experience many beautiful and poetic landscapes of Son Tra Peninsula, this is a must-go tourist destination for Da Nang trip.

From the Chess Board Peak with the height of nearly 700 meters, you will enjoy the whole view of Da Nang Bay. Climbing to the peak on an early morning will probably be an interesting activity when watching and welcoming the very first light from the sun rising up shining the East Sea.

Suggestion: To visit Chess Board Peak, with our travel experience to go to Son Tra Peninsula, you could travel by motorbike, however please check your break very carefully, fill up the gas and drive slowly as there are many dangerous curves on the way to the top.

A Thousand-Year Banyan Tree

About 5 kilometers to the Northeast of Linh Ung Pagoda, you can see the ancient thousands of year tree. Banyan tree root is so big that it takes about 10 to 15 adults arm to hold its root. The road to the tree is steep, winding and difficult, so you must be very careful.

Obama Rock

Obama Rock Da Nang is a brand new beautiful check in spot and attracts a lot of young people visit. Located on Son Tra peninsula, this black stone area with mesmerizing scenery and interesting entertainment activities surely makes you excited.

What to eat on Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Da Nang is not only famous for its scenery but also with delicious seafood specialties:

+ Cua Bien Quan – Hai San Bo Bien: L10, Vo Nguyen Giap – Son Tra – Da Nang

+ Be Anh Restaurant – Hai San: LB14-15, at the corner of Ho Nghinh street and Nguyen Cao Luyen street – Son Tra – Da Nang

+ La Maison 1888 – Intercontinental Resort: Son Tra Peninsula – Son Tra – Da Nang

+ Da Ben Bo 6 –: L30-32-34-36 Pham Van Dong – Son Tra – Da Nang

Above is all the lastest information about Son Tra peninsula that you should take a look at before deciding to travel here. Hopefully, with this article about “Son Tra Peninsula Da Nang“, we are able to help you to plan your trip more easily and have memorable experiences with your family and friends in Son Tra Da Nang.