Da Nang Car Rental

Da Nang Car Rental

Da Nang car rental service have witnessed an incresing trend recently with the development of tourism industry. If you need to rent a car in Da Nang but still look for Da Nang car rental service with good quality and reasonable price, this article is definitely for.

Good Quality Da Nang Car Rental With Driver

You can find that there are many companies providing Da Nang car rental service with just one click on Google. Each company has their own way to deliver different ultilities and different kind of.

As one of the top travel agencies, Da Nang Local Tours proudly to commit and bring to you Da Nang car rental service not only with the best services and the most reasonable prices.

Our Da service provides cust tomer with Da Nang car rental with driver supporting a wide range of transportation type: 4 seat – 7 seat – 9 seat – 16 seat – 29 seat – 35 seat – 45. If you need any information about our service, please feel free to check out:

Da Nang Local Tours – Da Nang Travel Agency

  • W: https://dananglocaltours.com/
  • M: 0084 938 960 771 (whatsapp) – 0938960771 (phone call/ zalo)
  • A: K142/23 Nguyễn Duy Hiệu, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng

Da Nang Car Rental Price

Da Nang car rental price depends on car model (brand or year) and even when you request for the service. If you rent a car on high season of tourism or on the holidays of Vietnam, the price shall be upper a little bit.

Car Rental Service Price in Da Nang (for reference only):

Dòng XeType of carPrices
4 seater car
Ford Laser600.000 – 800.000
Ford Laser500.000 – 700.000
Toyota Vios500.000 – 700.000
Kia Forte700.000 – 1.000.000
Deawoo Gentra500.000 – 700.000
Chevrolet Cruze700.000 – 900.000
7 seat car
Toyota Innova600.000 – 1.000.000
Mitsubishi Jolie500.000 – 700.000
Kia Carens650.000 – 900.000
Mitsubishi Grandis700.000 – 1.000.000
Toyota Zace500.000 – 800.000
Ford Everest700.000 – 900,000

With other request for big group such as for company, school, etc., you can follow these steps below to receive consultant and quotation for 16 seat, 29 seat and 45 seat car rental with reasonable price.

How To Rent A Car In Da Nang

+ Step 1 : Call to the hotline : 0938.960.771 – Mr. Minh for consultant about services, quotation and itinerary details.

+ Step 2 : Negotiate, close the deal and pay the deposit to make reservation, especially in high seanson or holidays.

+ Step 3: Decide the pick up and drop off time along with location …

+ Step 4: We will confirm the car number and driver’s information with the program you request.

Experiences To Rent A Car With Reasonable Price.

+ As mentioned above, car rental service in Da Nang have witnessed a great increase due to the rise of tourist number visiting this beautiful city. So in order to rent a car with good quality and reasonable price, customer should book at least from 3 days to 1 week in advance if the time is on the high season of.

+ In case you rent a car in Da Nang, please take a carefull look at the contract and the bills to confirm all the articles and both sides’ benefit.

+ There are many companies providing Da Nang car rental service on the market, there could be good companies with great services and customers also could meet companies providing bad services. In order to experience good services for you and family, it is necessary to choose the right company to work with, especially companies with good testimonials from customers.

+ With a big group of people, Da Nang car rental with driver seems to be a better and safer choice to avoid all the headach with driving but staill can enjoy your time with famiy and friends

This article has provided all the information such as Da Nang Car Rental Price and Experiences to Rent A Car In Da Nang. All the information belongs to Da Nang Local Tours license, if you think it helpful, don’t forget to share to your friends. Thank you very much for coming with us.!