Departure Time to Cham Island

Let’s update the latest Departure Time to Cham Island to prepare for your trip to Cham Island to be more complete. Cham Island is a well – known tourist attraction in Da Nang – Hoi An where has a large number of international and domestic tourists on summer vacation.

Cham Island can attract tourists not only because it has a cool climate weather all year and beautiful attractions such as Hai Tang PagodaAncient Well, gorgeous beaches but also because of beautiful colorful coral in the bottom of the ocean.

Departure Time To Cham Island In Details

Cham Island is located about 15km from Cua Dai Port so that it is easy for you to come this island by canoe. To help your trip to be complete, we update information about “departure time to Cham Island” and some important notes when you travel to Cham Islands.

Departure time to Cham Island by high-speed canoe

In summer, high-speed canoes depart every morning at 8:30AM and on the afternoon at 2:00PM. In the rainy season, due to the weather condition, when it is bad, all of the high-speed canoe are not allowed to come to Cham Islands.

Departure time to Cham Island by local boat (wooden boat)

You can also get to Cham Islands by local boat but it normally takes 90 minutes longer than high-speed boat. Local boat departs from 7:30AM every day and comeback at 11:30AM. It is a good choice if you want to move slightly on the sea and have an overnight at Cham Islands.

The Price Of High-Speed Canoe

Da Nang Local Tours updates the price of high-speed canoe to Cham Island for you to prepare to travel to Cham Islands as below:

  • High-speed canoe to Cham Islands (2 ways in one day): 550.000VND/pax
  • High-speed canoe to Cham Islands (depart and comeback on different day): 600.000VND/pax

For full price details: Ticket price for Cham Islands Beside, you can choose the canoe rentals services:

  • High-speed canoe with 20 seats: 5 million VND
  • High-speed canoe with 25 seats: 6 million VND
  • High-speed canoe with 28 seats: 7 million VND
  • High-speed canoe with 42 seats: 9 million VND


The above is all the information about departure time to Cham Island that you need to update for your trip. Additionally, to save your money and time, you can also refer to full-package Cham Islands Tour: Cham island tour.

If you have any question or suggestion for Da Nang Local Tours, you can leave a comment below. Thank you for reading our article!