Cham islands ticket price

Are you searching for Cham Islands ticket price? And not sure how much does ticket price of Cham Island cost? In this article, we provide the most detailed information about ticket price to Cham Island for you.

Cham Islands Ticket Price

Cham Island is approachable from Cua Dai Port so it’s easy to come here by high-speed canoe or local wooden boat. To help you have a nice trip to Cham Island with decent price, we update latest Cham Island ticket price in this article.

The Price Of High- Speed Canoe

In summer, high-speed canoes depart every morning at 8:30AM and return on the afternoon at 2:00PM. In the rainy or stormy season, depend on the weather condition, if it’s bad, all of high-speed canoe are not allowed to get to Cham Island.

+ High-speed canoe to Cham Islands (2 ways in one day): 550.000VND/ pax

+ High-speed canoe to Cham Islands (depart and comeback on different day): 600.000VND/ pax

The Price Of Wooden Boat

The wooden boat departs every morning at 7:30AM and return on the middle day at 11:30AM at Cua Dai Port. Because the wooden boat come back early, it’s an amazing idea for you take more time to discover this beautiful island and take a overnight here as well, then you can return on the next day.

The Price Of Wooden BoatTo get to Cham Island, another way that you can move by wooden boat at Bach Dang port instead of Cua Dai Port.

+ Wooden boat to Cham Islands (one way): 100.000/pax

To prepare for your trip to Cham Island to be more complete, we bring you some information of accommodation and catering in Cham Islands below.

Homestay In Cham Island

The price of homestay in Cham Islands is about 50 – 150.000 VND/night. The most prestigious and quality homestay in Cham Islands that you can refer to:

+ Cham Island Homestay

+ Hong Van Homestay

+ Vu Huong Homestay

Eating Places

Not only is the accommodation, homestays, you can also find other services is Cham Island food, laundry, boat for rents, … Especially, the local people are very friendly and so kind and ready to help you to discover this islands.

+ Reservation at your homestay: 50.000 – 80.000 VND/ set/ pax

+ Extra fee if you take your food to the restaurant: 50.000 VND

Tourist Tent For Rent in Cham Islands

Tourist tents are usually for groups of young people who travel on their own to explore Cham Island. The price of tourist tents is about 100,000 VND / tent.

Sea Trek Tour At the Bottom Of The Sea

It’s pity if you cannot join the walking tour at the bottom of the sea – so called “Sea Trek” in Cham Island. You will be amazed by the vivid ocean world 5 meters from the surface, even without swimming skills.

The experience of sea trek is extremely interesting, simple and safe. There is always instructor coming 1 on 1 with you during the tour.

+ The price of sea trek tour: 65$/ pax

+ The price of snorkeling: 34$/ pax

+ The price of scuba diving: 75$ / pax

How to travel Cham Island from Da Nang

You can travel by yourself or you can also book Cham Islands tour with Danang travel agencies. For young people who want to be freely to discover Cham Island, self-travel can be a best choice. But it takes more time and they have to set up everything.

For other people, booking One day Cham Islands tour is the best choice because of reasonable time and cost as well as support from travel agency.

+ No lining up to buy tickets to Cham Islands

+ Transfer with air conditioned car, pick up and return you at your hotel.

+ Friendly and knowledgable tour guide

+ Food specialties lunch at local restaurants

+ Decent price

You can refer to the price and itinerary at: Cham Islands Tour


Hopefully with the latest price ticket of Cham Islands, you are easy to make a plan to explore Cham Island with reasonable cost. See more best price tours at Da Nang : Da nang Tours

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