How to choose the right Travel Agency at Da Nang

Travel Agency In Da Nang

Which is the most prestigious Da Nang travel agency and which travel agency in Da Nang you should choose to book tours? … are common questions of those who intend to travel to Da Nang.

To have a complete holiday with great experience and pleasure, you must find yourself an appropriate Da Nang tour and of course a tour service of a reputable travel agency in Da Nang.

For those who travel frequently, choosing a good company, a tour that suits their own needs, … is too easy. But for those people having the first time for Da Nang tour, how to evaluate and find a reputable Danang travel agency.
Therefore, Dacotours will guide you to experience to choose a reputable DaNang travel agency.

Status of Da Nang Travel Agencies

With the advantages of geography, location and natural resources, along with the continuous efforts to develop the infrastructure system, Danang’s tourism service sector is increasingly contributing to the growth rate of the city economy in general and the service sector in particular.

The development of tourism has led to the mass growth of travel companies, travel agencies … like mushrooming after rain. The travel agencies always have advertisement as “the most prestigious Danang travel agency“, “the most professional Danang travel company“, “the cheapest one day Da Nang tour” …

There are many options, right? But which is the best travel agency to choose for your trip? No problem, on the below, we will show you what travel companies do and the criteria for evaluating a reputable travel agency.

What does a travel agency do?

The travel agency is a travel organization whose mission is to help individuals, groups and tourists to plan and organize their travel schedules, from buying tour packages to booking tickets and hotel.

They must be familiar and proficient with flight procedures and techniques, how to book hotels to provide the customers with the information they need in a timely manner.

Most travel companies targets in certain tours and certain types of tourists. Some travel companies only organize tours for business travelers, luxury tourists …. others specialize in leisure travel, sightseeing, refreshing tours, etc.

Criterias for evaluating a good Da Nang Travel Agency

Good travel agencies are great consultants

The main difference between travel agencies is how they personalize their service. So when customers use the services of a travel agency, they are looking for more benefits when they do it themselves.

They are looking for people-to-people interactions and solutions that are suitable for the difficulties when traveling. For these reasons, a best travel agency is a professional consultant. All of these consultation can be done easily through their online platforms such as facebook, website or phone.

They are the best management experts

The best travel agency must be a management expert. In a tour, there are many participating sections such as customer service, tour guides, reservations, vehicle rental … so travel agencies must always be at the forefront of management to ensure malfunctions at a minimum level.

They have great inteligent technology

The only way for travel agencies to compete in today’s tourism industry is to have the best employees with technology skills.

So why would you pay for a travel agency to make a tour while you can do it yourself? Because they have the ability to provide services in the fastest way for you from booking, risk management, consulting … to help you to have the most interesting trip with the lowest cost. .

In a simple way, travel agencies with an effective corporate travel management platform can provide the best service that ordinary travelers cannot do.

Always learn and improve knowledge

The tourism industry is growing and changing strongly with the development of current and future technologies. So the best travel agencies must apply the best technologies to enhance the services they provide. That’s why the best travel agencies are always learning

How to choose a reputable Da Nang Travel Agency

Famous travel companies are often more reliable than other companies, but of course, the tour price is often higher. However, the price difference is not much, so if you want to have a full trip, you should consider it.

By referral

Based on the evaluation of friends or relatives who used to travel to Da Nang. Reviews from friends and relatives are the most honest and objective reviews you should listen to. And you should choose Da Nang travel agency which has a good evaluation of the tour quality .

Company brand

The famous travel agencies in Da Nang are more reliable than other companies but of course the tour price is usually higher. However, the price difference is not so much, so if you want to have a perfect trip, full of interesting experiences … it should be considered.

Testimonials on social media, google maps, travel forum

The ratings on social networks are also a useful reference source for you but we recommend that you only refer to it. Because this source can be not really quite accurate because most companies use seeding marketing to PR for the company.

Specific characteristics

Just like an idiom: “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Specialized companies will often support very well compared to other companies.

Tour price & service

Tour price

In order to attract customers, some travel agencies often offer non-transparent prices such as: “Price from *** to ***” for customers to choose and require a reservation deposit in advance.

After that, the tour price can be raised when it come to the official buyer. So if the company announces that this is the expected price, you should be careful and ask for a clear price.

Of course, the price may sometimes be slightly raised by the market due to the impact of many factors (fuel prices, holidays, etc). So it is better to take a look at many companies and choose for yourself a company that has a certain tour price with accurate travel information.


Once you have learned about the tour price, what should you ask next for the tour service? What is included on the tour? How is the hotel like? What kind of room? Etc.

Not all 3 – 4 star hotels are having the same price but it also depends on the location. For examples, is it near the shopping center, the sea, the entertainment area, transportation, etc or not. Hotel quality is showed quite evidently with the breakfast, bedroom area, room equipment from bedding to items, bricks and carpets , curtains, cabinets, etc.


How is the restaurant during the tour program is also something you should care about. You should ask before you book the tour, do not let it be too late when you already paid.

Departing time

Similar to the price, some Da Nang travel agencies also provide unclear information in the form of “estimated” only to collect guests and deposits. The tour is often associated with the luck, smooth factor, knowing the exact departure date, the flight time will help you take the initiative and make sure you don’t miss the important moment of the trip.

Children policy

If there are children or elders in the group, you should ask if there is any children policy or discount. At the same time, this information will help the consultant to create the suitable schedule for the trip to be complete and meaningful.

Which travel agency should you choose at Da Nang?

At this point, you may probably know which travel agencies to choose in Danang in order to book a tour. But we still want to remind you that you should buy tours at reputable travel agencies that have:

  • Good tour price.
  • Enthusiastic consultants.
  • Good policy and tour service.
  • Clear departure schedule.

If you do not know which reputable travel agencie to choose in Danang , you can refer to Da Nang tours at or – the company has more than 7 years of experience in operating and organizing tours with professional team, enthusiastic consultants, etc.

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These are the experience of choosing a reputable Danang travel agency that you should follow when deciding to buy a tour. Hopefully the article will help you with your journey of discovery. If you have any feedback or your own valuable experiences, leave a comment below for everyone to take a look.